Innovative systems / leed case study paper

 1. The two types of building system I choose is vinyl flooring and auditory / sound control system. 

2. Research its history & write a research paper (3-5 page double spaced) with citations (APA) on how your system has evolved throughout the history of construction since its inception through its modern day use. Analyze and discuss typical construction methods and materials used to build it, past and present and how the innovative construction system or LEED building practices are being applied either through materials or construction methods.

 3. In your paper find 4 current photographic examples showing it in use today (or adaptations of it if it is historic). Global examples are highly encouraged. 

4. Please provide photos of actual sample materials or systems used for construction: discuss how global site or regional location might affect material selection or construction methods. 

5. Suggest sustainable practices and sustainable materials that are being used or might beused to make your system more LEED compliant or eco-friendly.