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Now that you completed the project charter and scope statement, we can begin creating the project schedule. The project schedule helps us understand when the activities will happen and allows more insight on how long the project will take. In addition to having the schedule, we can begin to assign resources to the different tasks. Resource allocation is crucial as it helps set expectations of the needs a project manager requires. Because you want needs to be completed, as the project manager, assigning resources is necessary.

There is one Course Project deliverable this week (Microsoft Project schedule with resources)

  • Create a project schedule using Microsoft Project (See the 2 videos in the Introduction and Lesson section for help) and the WBS you created in Week 3. As you create your schedule, make sure you consider possible new information you may have discovered since last week.
  • Once you create your Microsoft Project schedule, create a column for resources and add the resources associated with the activities in your schedule. Make sure that you not only consider human resources but also other resources (i.e., meeting space, construction equipment, etc.). This exercise will help you more accurately assign costs later in this course.