“in the land of the free”

 Analyze the following paragraph from the “In the Land of the Free” in terms of its description and Far’s language choices overall. Why would Far start her description of the missionary school in such a manner? Why does Far use a bird reference at the end, why the reference to “forget[ting]” and memory overall, and how does this section fit into the larger narrative of the piece? Be sure to treat this like a mini essay in terms of structure. 

 “The room was filled with children, — most

of them wee tots, but none so wee as her own.

The mission woman talked as she walked.

She told Lae Choo that little Kim, as he had

been named by the school, was the pet of the

place, and that his little tricks and ways

amused and delighted every one. He had

been rather difficult to manage at first and

had cried much for his mother; “but children

so soon forget, and after a month he seemed

quite- at home and played around as bright

and happy as a bird.”