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General Requirements – Identifying Variables:


In a study investigating the effects of humor on memory, Schmidt showed participants a list of sentences, half of which were humorous and half were non-humorous. Schmidt found that participants consistently recalled more of the humorous sentences than the non-humorous sentences, demonstrating that the use of humor increased participants’ recall of sentences.


Directions – In an essay (250-500 words), address the following items: 

·       Identify the independent & dependent variable(s) for this study.

·       Describe the scale of measurement used for the independent variable.

·       Describe the scale of measurement used for the dependent variable.

·       State the purpose of the research (i.e. Schmidt’s purpose was to examine the effects of humor on memory),

·       State the research question (i.e. Schmidt’s research question was: What are the effects of humor on memory?),

·       State the independent variable and the dependent variable for your study.


References attached


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