Iconography collage | Architecture and Design homework help

Iconography Collage Assignment (Homework) Iconography is defined as the identification, description and interpretation of subject matter in art. The iconography of a work involves elements that have their own unique meaning, and, when combined with other similar elements, add to and enhance the overall meaning of a work. (study the painting Arnolfini Double Portrait and the various meanings of it’s elements). Make a collage (a paste up of papers and other items) for which the iconography is your own life story. Include images drawn or cut from magazines that symbolize your interests, goals, dreams, relationships, and fears. The assignment may also be done as a digital collage.When completed, your artwork should summarize “Who I am”. Attach an image of your finished collage as a jpg and click submit. If you have created your collage as a physical paste-up, simply photograph it and attach the file.