I need someone who is good in humanites and has read the great gatsby?

Christian Critique of The Great Gatsby:

After reading The Great Gatsby, write an essay that addresses the following:


  1. Choose one of the four worldview questions, and explain the “world” of The Great Gatsby.
  2. What does The Great Gatsby say that is “true” (common grace/consistent with a Biblical view) of human love and death, and how might you critique its attitude toward human love and death (antithesis/inconsistent with a Biblical view) from a Christian perspective?
  3. Analyze The Great Gatsby in terms of the two aesthetic elements: “source” and “function.”


In total, this portion of your Applied Summary Project should be 2-3 pages in length and adhere to typical APA style and formatting (double spacing, proper APA citations, etc.).

Applied Summary Project – Part 2 is due by 11:55 pm (EST) Saturday Session 3.