Human sciences philosophy | Applied Sciences homework help

FCSC 1000 Summer 2023
Late- Human Sciences Pre-Philosophy Guidelines and Rubric
Students enrolled in FCSC 1000 must write a Human Sciences philosophy. The philosophy may include student’s thoughts on what he/she believes Human Sciences mean. The philosophy must include specific examples to support the beliefs of the student. The philosophy should be written regarding Human Sciences as a whole, rather than focusing on one particular area, such as foods and nutrition, child development, early childhood education, and textiles and apparel, in which Human Sciences encompasses. The philosophy must be written in APA format. An introduction, body, and conclusion are expected. Detailed attention to grammar and spelling is required. The philosophy must be written in 12 inch, Times New Roman font, and double spaced. The philosophy must be at least 1 full page.
Specific examples to support beliefs
Possible Points
5 points-
sufficient examples
Possible Points
5 points- lacking enough examples
Points Earned
     Encompasses every area of human sciences
• Textiles and Apparel
• Foods and Nutrition
• Child Development & Family Relations
• Early Childhood Education
   5 points-
Encompasses every area of Human Sciences
 5 points- missing 1 or more areas of Human Sciences
    APA formatted Spelling and grammar
2.5 points
5 points- no grammatical errors
0- Not APA
5 points- 2 or more grammatical errors
     12 inch, times new roman font, double spaced
   2.5 points
 0- Missing:
One of the following 12 inch, times new roman font, double spaced
     Minimum of 1 page
  5 points- full page of content
0- Not a full page. A full page means content from very top to very bottom of page- NO EXCEPTIONS