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Enhancing Human Resource Management Programs at Amco Insurance

Jeremy Taylor

Strayer University

HRM 560

Dr. Obioma Iwuanyanwu

15 July 2023

Enhancing Human Resource Management Programs at Amaco Insurance

Amaco Insurance is a large multinational firm providing an array of insurance products and services. To ensure its success and effective competition within the insurance market, Amaco’s management team must implement an effective Human Resource Management system; Amaco has therefore invested extensively in programs, policies, procedures and initiatives related to this aspect of human resources management.

Amaco’s HRM programs are considered an integral component of its business’s success, serving to assist the management team in understanding employees, their skills, cultural fit and how their work impacts success or failure of the company (Anwar et al., 2021). Over time they have identified both skills that need development as well as those within current teams who could use support progressing within Amaco and conducting effective training for all.

Though Amaco has many positive aspects to its HRM programs, some areas could use improvement. One such area would be their hiring process; specifically screening and interviews can be improved so as to more accurately evaluate potential employees based on their skills and experiences – this would allow Amaco to find those with the correct skill sets while possibly recruiting new talent that could diversify and advance its company to greater heights (Allal-Chérif et al., 2021).

Amaco understands the Human Resource Information System (HRIS) is key to its HRM efforts and, to maximize effectiveness, must regularly upgrade and update it so as to provide access to new tools and resources that could assist in better managing staff.

Establishing a conducive working environment for employees is also paramount to creating a more successful business (Isac et al., 2021). Collaboration and communication tools such as instant messaging can assist employees in joining forces within digital workplaces more efficiently together.

Finally, employees require better career development opportunities. This could include providing workshops, seminars and training programs where employees can expand their expertise in their field and reach their full potential. Such opportunities help to keep employees motivated and engaged as well as improve output for business operations.


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