Hrm 546 religious discrimination and racial harassment-marshawn demur

Reference: Religious Discrimination and Racial Harassment: What Ever Happened to MarShawn DeMur?

Discuss the MarShawn DeMur case as a team.

Research legal cases on religious discrimination and racial harassment using online law libraries of your choice.


I NEED JUST 2 POWERPOINT SLIDES ON BULLET 4- What resolution to this situation might Judith Dixon suggest?



Create a 10-to 15-slide presentation with speaker notes, not including the title page or References page and address the following:

  • Identify and describe the specific issues Maalick encountered in the workplace. Do the actions of other workers at Treton represent discrimination and harassment? What elements of law are important for Treton to consider?
  • Evaluate the actions of the HR director, Marta Ford, in response to Maalick’s situation. What could she have done to prevent the situation and what more could she do to ensure that this type of situation would not occur in the future?
  • How would you characterize Clive Jenkins’ behavior and response to this situation?
  • What resolution to this situation might Judith Dixon suggest?
  • What are the broader implications of this situation for Treton? What type of organizational review might Dixon initiate or suggest from a corporate perspective?

Include justification for your responses by citing a minimum of two laws and a minimum of two legal cases in your discussion.

Relate the legal cases you select to the issues presented in MarShawn DeMur’s case scenario.

Consider issues such as corporate culture, diversity, and any issues arising out of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended, and any strategic steps that should be addressed in your responses.

Use a minimum of three citation sources, in addition to the two laws and two legal cases required above, within the slides and identify them on your references slide.