History 2a | History homework help


In this exercise, you will explore the computer simulation of the Giza plateau in Egypt hosted on the website: http://giza.fas.harvard.edu

Pick one monument at the site (Khafre Pyramid, Khafre Pyramid Temple, Khafre Valley Temple, Sphinx, Sphinx Temple). Discuss its layout and its history based on the 3D walkthrough, the videos, the photos and plans,, and on the articles presented on the site.  (Some of the videos are narrated and provide good information).

What was the monument used for? Who was it built for?  What sort of ideology is projected by the monument and its decoration?  What does the layout say about open or restricted access to the monument? Comment on the types of materials used and the amount of labor that would have been required.

Be sure to use your own words to paraphrase the information from the website (do not copy and paste, for that is plagiarism!) (300-400 words)