Hcs/305: health care professional development wk 1 – courses to | HCS 305 | University of Phoenix

Assignment Content

  1. Imagine you are applying a new position in health care. The interviewer asks you to submit a summary on how your program and prior experience make you the best candidate for the role.

    Throughout this program, it’s important to look forward so you can leverage your knowledge and opportunities to make connections and step into the health care industry.

    Preparing for the Assignment:
    Review the BSHA degree program courses on the Online Healthcare Degrees page on the University of Phoenix website.  

Assignment Directions:

Write a 575- to 700-word professional letter or cover letter to your future employers addressing the following:

  • Explain which 3 courses you feel may be the most beneficial to the desired role or industry.
  • Describe the program outcomes and how achieving them prepares you for the desired role or industry.
  • Explain how going through this program and leveraging your personal experience helped prepare you for the desired role or industry.