Graduate level HRM Essay. 350 words, APA Format, 2 citations. see description

 Select a question from the list below. Cite the question number (please refrain from restating the question, as we already know what it is), then give a good answer. Explain your reasoning, or provide examples. If your answer is essentially the same as that of a prior respondent, use original wording, and give a unique rationale. Avoid copying any material from other sources inlieuof a unique answer, as that effort merely demonstrates that you know how to copy information. (Instead, we need evidence of thought.) The minimum length is a mere 350 words. Use single-spacing, flush-left. Otherwise, follow APA style prescriptions as explained in the Syllabus (pp. 3-4). Cite the textbook at least once (I will do this part after), in addition to a scholarly journal article that is relevant to your answer  (need the tutuor to do).

1. Explain the logic behind Weingarten rights. How are these an inevitable result of other factors inherent in the union role in a bargaining unit?

2. What type of bargaining (i.e., bargaining strategy) is most typical for management when the object of the negotiations is wages, and what is the logic behind this choice?

3. What type of bargaining is most typical for management when the object of the negotiations is workplace health and safety, and what is the logic behind this choice?

4. Would the card check rule, if it became law, help preserve the balance of power between labor and management, or upset it, and what is the logic behind your conclusion?

5. What would be the implications if the courts began permitting employers to fire union salts upon discovering their motivations for employment with them?

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