Generation X and Millennial officers, 4 Essay questions, law homework help

Please answer the following four essay questions. Each individual essay question is to be between 500-700 words – excluding direct quotes. You are to provide at least 3 scholarly, peer – reviewed references other than your textbook to support each response. These references are to be in APA format.

1)  Do you believe supervisors should attempt to understand the communication characteristics of their Generation X and Millennial officers? Justify your response.

2)  Assume that you are assigned to conduct a program audit of a grant to a municipal police department whose purpose is to reduce driving while intoxicated violations. What documents would you want to review and what kinds of data would you think is important?

3)  Why is it difficult for police chiefs to bring about paradigm shifts within their own police organizations?

4)  Do you believe that police officers should be held to a higher standard than other professions with respect to negligence in the line of duty? Justify your response.

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