Free cash Flow

LP4 – Final Project

Part D: Discussion of Free Cash Flow. You will determine Ford’s consolidated free cash flow. In this part, you will make a prediction as to what the company’s stock price would be in three (3) months. You will also review analysts’ estimates and predictions for the past year.


Step 1: Look at Ford’s Consolidated Statement of Cash Flows. Note the operating cash flow section is found in Note 25.

Step 2: Calculate the free cash flow. 

Step 3: Compare your answer to any of the websites listed in the directions.. Share your research with your classmates in Discussion 4.3.

Step 4: Make your prediction as to what the stock price will be 3 months from now. Share your predictions with your classmates in Discussion 4.3.

Step 5: Add to the document you started on Part A. Your final submission will include the results from part A – D.

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