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Sports Observation Guide

The student will observe one event that is sport-related (1 collegiate athletics/professional or 1 intramural/recreational/informal/youth) and complete the observation form posted below: 

Background: When dealing with sports from a sociological perspective, relationships become the primary focus of attention. As the game/event is observed pay special attention to the following interactions: 





(on bench w/ each other) 









In the case of each relationship look for the following: 

  • How often do they interact? 
  • Who initiates the interaction? 
  • What is the content of the interaction? 
  • What is the impact of the interaction on those involved? 

Also look for: 

  • How players respond to or deal with control? 


What kinds of activities among the people are going on apart from the sport/games? 

When thinking about the overall phenomenon of sports, consider the following: 

  • What do players and spectators learn in connection with sports? 
  • Why are the games so important to many people? 
  • What ideas about masculinity & femininity are highlighted in connection with [sport]? 
  • Do boys/girls attend? What do they do? What do boys/girls do who are not on the field? What do players do before, after, and between games? 
  • What do you think is being learned by the athletes/children who are playing? What about the other people/children in attendance? 
  • Are there any social dynamics related to social class or race and ethnicity during the event? Is it expensive to play this sport? How is the program and participation funded?

In your final assignment submission include: 

  • Double-spaced 2 page reflection paper detailing your observation (APA format- for abstract explain the setting/location of your observation and pertinent details such as age-groups/sport, etc.) 
  • Notes taken during observation (scanned if handwritten) 
  • This Assignment will be graded heavily in regard to your observation paper, with a focus on your attention to detail during observations, meaningful reflection on what you saw, and how you organized these your thoughts in the reflection. IMPORTANT: If you do not relate your observations back to specific couse content/theories from the text, you will lose a minimum of 7 points on your final score.