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Students should learn about political science because it explains government and legislative processes so that people can be better informed about policies that impact their communities, states, and the country(cobbs,2020). Political scientist can study politics from a individual perspective or by the institutions of governments. Much of Politics is to deepen understanding the power operating on people, our communities, and understanding your rights and your duties as a citizen. 

           Do you watch sports, read newspapers about what’s going on in this world, talk about your community and having voters rights? If you answered yes to this question, then this is why political science is important. Political science measure the success of governance and specific policies, by examing many factors, including stability, justice, material  wealth, peace, and public health (wiki, 2020). 

         In 2020, we been dealing with coronavirus. We have a different plan from these both candidates whom is fighting to be the next president of the United States of America. Power plays a big part into getting people to agree, to act in a particular way, or to make something happen: this makes power an important element of political analysis and helps to explain political outcomes (cobbs, 2020).


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