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Ok, business & finance is not the specific category but is related.  Samples are uploaded. Here is what needs to be done:


For your final project you are going to produce a written proposal  for a company that has asked you to help them build a flight department. The scenario you are given for this assignment is based on real world events. After you have completed this assignment I will share with you what happened with that company so that you can compare your solution to the one they ultimately chose. 

Here’s the scenario

A commercial broadcasting company located in Nashville, TN has TV stations in Nashville, TN, Syracuse, NY, Utica, NY, Lubbuck, TX, Jackson, MS, Little Rock, AK and Joplin, MO. The company is privately held by three investors. Two active partners, who manage the business, live in Nashville, TN, but the principle investor lives in Bermuda and makes frequent trips to Boston, MA and San Francisco, CA.

Common trips include monthly visits to each TV station and quarterly trips to trade shows all over the US. One of the active partners is also the chief technical problem solver and may need to travel to any of the locations on demand. Most often, the two active partners travel together and rarely carry passengers. However, the principle investor will also be using the aircraft, sometimes traveling with his 7 member family.

The company’s gross revenue is $45,000,000 annually with an 8% profit margin. This is right on the line for operating a turbine aircraft, but growth is expected as they expand their territory westward, buying TV stations in Nevada, Utah and Wyoming.

You are an aviation consultant recommended to them by another customer. They want you to write a proposal for the development of a corporate flight department as well as the purchase and operation of an appropriate aircraft. 

Produce a written proposal for this company. Some recommended sections are listed below, but do not limit yourself to that structure. The goal is effective communication and presenting technical information to a lay audience. The worst thing that you can do as an aviation professional is allow an individual or business to walk blindly into an aircraft purchase so be sure to provide enough information so that the audience can begin to make a more informed decision. Use figures and tables as needed to present the facts. There is no length requirement but no more than 20 single spaced pages is a good guide. Formatting and presentation are important and the product should reflect a reasonable level of professional pride.

Example Proposal Components

Cover Page

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Proposal Introduction

A report giving a brief overview of business aviation and what constitutes lawful use of a business aircraft

A report on flight department organizational structures with one clear recommendation for this company with solid justification. Include key details such as personnel and facilities required.

A report on possible corporate aircraft with one clear recommendation for aircraft make/model and ownership option (own/lease/joint own/fractional)

A report detailing costs with a 5 year projection based on the recommendations you provided plus a breakdown of costs of specific trips undertaken by the company. 

A timeline/task list giving the steps required to go from your proposal to a functioning flight department



Aircraft selection: Bombardier Challenger 300, Cessna Citation X, Dassault Falcon 2000LXS (Use these three please)

Helpful link: http://planes.axlegeeks.com/compare/385-393/Bombardier-Challenger-350-vs-Dassault-Falcon-2000LXS

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