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Final Project Milestone 2

A City Museum: Permanent Exhibit

Recall that for the Final Project, you are the director of a museum and you must select a permanent exhibit for the museum. You are committed to ensuring that the objects, themes, and ideas in the exhibit represent all the important groups and peoples that have created your city’s identity.

In Final Project Milestone 2, you will consider the connection between group and ethnic identity and how that is represented in your city.

To prepare for this Assignment:

· Review the “Final Project Summary” document in the Week 1 Learning Resources area.

· Review the resources you chose using the guidelines provided in the “Student Contributed Resource Worksheet” document, located in this week’s Learning Resources area for applicability to this Assignment.

By Day 7

Write a 300-word paper in which you do each of the following:


Here we begin to look at how this new museum will provide important resources to a variety of groups and ethnicities within your city. The city officials would like you to decide on an exciting permanent exhibit that is consistent with the chosen theme of your museum by:

1. Describing what you feel should become the most important permanent exhibit in your new museum.

2. Explaining how this permanent exhibit will use objects, themes, and ideas to represent the citizens who make up the city and/or will meet the needs of the city’s residents.

THE PREVIOUS ASSIGNMENT TO THIS PROJECT: (have not been graded yet so I do not have feedback instructor)


Final Project Milestone 1: Denver Art Museum

Denver is among the best cities in the United States; it is the capital city of Colorado. The city is situated within the banks of South Platte River which are near the Rocky Mountains. Different researchers have proven that the city was founded in the year 1858, and during that era, it was a gold mining town. Later on, all the gold dried up, and currently, the city has become a supply hub in the mountains.  Currently, the major employers at Denver include the Denver international airport and the University of Colorado-Boulder. According to 2018 estimated consensus, it is believed that Denver city has a population of over 2.9 million people. 

Denver city has a wide variety of museums, and this paper will focus on the museum of art. The art museum is located in a civic center, and it is believed to have over 7000 arts from different works globally. Apart from the fact that art contributes to the economy of Denver city, art has also proved to be important since it promotes different cultures. Arts act as a collective memory of the society; it changes opinions and implements values by translating different experiences. Generally, art is a form of communication which allows different cultures to communicate using images, stories, or even sounds. Evidently, art in the city of Denver has played a significant role since it has brought social change, which is among the things I admire in the city of Denver. 

The multiple types of arts in Denver Art Museum have attracted different visitors globally. Visitors come to explore art as well as different creativities from the different collections. DAM has also become a source of income for the city, considering that it has been rated as one of the best and most significant museums located between Chicago and West Coast.


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