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Final Draft Directions: Reflect on the feedback your instructor shared with you on the Week 1 Project rough draft and revise your essay. Edit for APA-style formatting, and proofread carefully for spelling, grammar, and mechanics. Make sure to also consider the suggestions you received from the Smarthinking tutor if you submitted the essay to them back in Week 1.

Visit the South University Online Citation Resources: APA Style page for information about formatting your essay using APA style.  You may create your essay with the APA template for essays found in the library.

                                                                                                               Narrative Essay Rough Draft


I always feel right by saying: “The grass is always greener on the other side.” People tend to believe that life is better at the places of their residence than any other place. By considering this, I have always tried my best to be content with my all life residence, a regular city in the United States. I have always felt the need to change my life and move out of this city to another place. Therefore, I attempted to figure out the place that could be interesting for me to live, in all sincerity. One thing that made me feel that I needed some change in my life is that I discovered living in the city was maybe very irritating to me. This is because, every morning I witnessed people rushing, having quick snacks, glancing at their watches as if they were late for business appointments, and leaping from offices to offices. 

In the city, I used to see billboards, placards, and TV commercials making adverts for the products that I never needed. There was no way I could have escaped all these things as long as I was living in the city. This is because the main activities in the city were commercial and everything was all about business. I felt this was too much because everything even in the search engines, my mailbox, and YouTube clips were in every printed or electronic material. Now, I always asked myself why these commercials were so persuasive to even people with no interest in them. I felt that they should have had given those with no interest in them a break and stop interfering with their lives. Anytime I browsed on the internet, I could wade through tones of information that was very unnecessary to me. Since there is no way one can control such activities in any city, I felt that I had to take my responsibility and make myself happy by finding another place out of the city. 

I had to make a final decision on the place I wanted to live. I knew that the place would be calm and would cause me any kind of stress. I remembered from my childhood when my parents took me to Yellowstone National Park. The Yellowstone National Park is so cool with full of greatness in its nature (Borrie, Freimund & Davenport, 2016). In this park, I had amazing freedom and height which made me develop some love for mountains. Since that time, I have kept on visiting the place every year just to enjoy the cool environment and relief any stress caused to be by city activities. I have also been traveling to other mountainous places in the United States and Europe because I love the view of the world from the top of the mountain. So definitely I knew that I needed such kind of feeling in every day of my life. 

Every time I visited mountainous places I wondered if the people living in such places faced the same stress and problems as the city dwellers. However, I knew that all I needed was to live in a mountainous place. I making my decision, I tried to remember the most pleasant memories of Yellowstone National Park (Borrie, Freimund & Davenport, 2016). From such memories, I realized my needs on the way of life. I knew I needed to consider my occupation, communication, and geographical location. However, I would also consider a certain variant in my decision as final. From my interests and love for mountainous places, I felt that my perfect place to live was in countryside areas characterized by mountain features. I, therefore, started to arrange for the formalities to shift from the city and live in my dream place.


Borrie, W. T., Freimund, W. A., & Davenport, M. A. (2016). Winter visitors to Yellowstone National Park: Their value orientations and support for management actions. Human ecology review, 41-48