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Seeking feedback to the below in 100 words:


I think these topics have impacted me as a leader by providing the framework on the strategic level that has driven operations at the tactical level where I operate. Additionally, in the spirit of the jointness discussed in The Dynamics of Doctrine: The Changes in German Tactical Doctrine During the First World War (Lupfer, 1981) before many large scale exercises, we hold a conference with the helicopter, surface, and submerged commanders to ensure all participants have unity of vision. The unity of vision allows the unity of effort as discussed in Joint Publication 5-0, Joint Planning (Scott, 2017)

I think I can use the information provided by these overarching strategies, now and as a future senior leader, to answer the question on the deck plate of why, as discussed by Dr. Baker in his lecture Thinking Strategically(Baker, n.d).  Our people understanding their piece of the puzzle can help them obtain satisfaction, a sense of purpose, and a better contribution to the organizational goals by being able to provide informed feedback. From personal experience as an E-5 working in the Joint environment, I did not initially understand what my role was in the larger picture, but when my OIC provided me an overview and mentorship; I was able to apply effort in the right direction and measurably contribute to our mission and as a result to our relationship with a key partner.