Extra credit- quarterly conversations in global health: health and

This is an EXTRA CREDIT assignment.  In order to earn this credit you must register for the event or watch the recording and complete a short essay (see details below):

Watch the recording: Quarterly Conversations in Global Health: Health and Racial Justice in the Black Community (Links to an external site.)


Requirement: Short Essay: Submit a short essay between 500-600 total words (Times New Roman font, 11) using a WORD document. Based on discussions during this event/recording, please answer the following three questions:

1. – What are some health effects suffered by Black Americans as a result of systemic and structural racism?

2. – What are some causes for the disproportionate rates of COVID-19 cases and deaths in the Black American population?

3. – What are some ways that members of the Global Health community can pursue racial justice in healthcare when the disparities of access and quality are ingrained in the system itself?