Explosive Growth of Digital Crime and Fighting Digital Crime


Identify at least two (2) factors that have led to the explosive growth of digital crime over the past a few decades. Next, describe the most common forms of digital crime, and give your opinion as to why those forms you described are so common. Provide a rationale for your response.

From the e-Activity, list three (3) types of digital crime, and name the main federal agencies which have primary responsibility to enforce digital crime laws. Next, recommend one (1) way for the federal agencies in question to improve the overall public response to computer crimes. Include the role of an individual citizen in the fight against digital crime in your discussion.


People think that they can delete information on computers and phones and it will never come back again. Hackers know what they are doing and how to get your information even miles and states away. WE all need to be taught the proper way to use certain things so that we do not get hacked and suffer in the long run, I believe it will saves lives and help stop a heartache whether its porn of a child or identity theft, its only going to get worse as technology improves.

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