Ethical incident, analysis help (150-200 words)

Post a 150-200 words analysis of this ethical incident.  

“I could not believe that people, who are just simple co-workers, could be so friendly. For me,
personally, it was the example of ideal relationships within the company.  
One day, the chief manager of her organization noticed the loss of a solid amount of
money, disappeared from the cash box. Later on, I happened to know that my friend was fired
from work, accused in the theft. She was very devastated and depressed.  I hope, everybody
understands what it means to lose a job and being accused in the crime that you have never
committed. Later on, my friend got to know who the real thief was and she was accused
dishonestly. It was her colleague, who has stolen money and accused my friend in it in order to
come off unscathed. To my mind, this is a demonstration of dishonesty and cowardice. 

I also firmly believe that every problem has its way out and remaining a person is the
most important, in any case. Considering the problem mentioned above, I think that hiding the
truth is not the decision and ability to admit your guilt is feature that is not peculiar to every
person. When people deal with money, they completely forget about everything and do not think
about the others, that is why they commit some dishonest and immoral actions, blaming the
others in them (as in my friend’s case). This ethical situation is a so-called lesson, teaching my
friend and me to treat people carefully and trust only those, in whom we are completely sure.
This situation appeared to be a real shock for my friend, but now she realizes what honesty is and
how backstabbing people can be in the working place. I understand, that every person has her/his
own attitude to this situation, but I am sure, we all agree that blaming others is the lack of
morality and expression of faintness to confess in the guilt.”

Include in your analysis the following:

Assessment of potential harm.

Probability and Extent of Possible Physical, Mental, or Emotional Damage.

Probability and Extent of Economic Harm.

Risk to Individual Stakeholder Reputations.

Risk to the Reputation of the Organization.

Assessment of why situations like this happen in the workplace.

Focus on alternative ways of managing this and similar incidents once they arise.

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