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Essay Question: You’re a consultant for a client who has requested a strategic analysis for their firm. You now face a difficult situation as you’re beginning to finalize your analysis. It so happens that as a result of the SWOT Matrix exercise the firm has identified three potential strategies, which seem to be Aggressive strategies (mostly: backward, forward, horizontal integration). However, as you look at the results of your SPACE Matrix, your vector falls on the Conservative quadrant. And then to make things really confusing, your IE Matrix analysis has the firm in Quadrant VI. What could be causing the discrepancies? And how do you reconcile the different signals or indications in your different strategic “dials” or tools? Provide a step-by-step account of what you would do to reconcile the differences. 

Please use the second (and third) page of the Answer Sheet for your response in at least three well-constructed paragraphs. Your answer should take up at least 2/3 of a page.