Essay – od interventions at ge (need in next 5 hours)

For this assignment, you are expected to complete the company analysis of GE while Jack Welsh was in power by making final recommendations for General Electric’s future change strategy. Also, insert a section that reflects on GE’s plans for broad application of change that can sustain a global operation. Discuss how it can improve the process it already started and suggest future change initiatives. 

 This paper should be 5 double-spaced page, with 12-pt fonts. Please submit the assignment only as a Word (.doc or .docx) or Rich Text format (.rtf) document. Please include the title of this assignment, headings to organize the paper, in-text citations, and a reference/’works cited’ section. Remember to cite references from the Anderson text listed below and any additional material used in your research in the body of your essay and include a “References Cited” section at the end. Proper APA citing is extremely important!

Organization Development: The Process of Leading Organizational Change
4th Edition, Author: Donald L. Anderson
Sage Publishers
ISBN: 978-1-5063-1657-4