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Answer the following question in essay format. You will be graded on grammar, spelling, and proper paragraph and sentence structure. Also, be sure to answer the questions in a thorough and articulate manner. Be detailed in your answer. There is a total of 25 points for this section. ***(NO INTERNET OUTSIDE SOURCE!! ONLY IN THE BOOK ATTACHED)****

Every job (prosecutor, public defender, or police perspective), and life in general, involves multiple judgment calls, use of discretion, and decisions. Not more so than in the criminal justice system is it important to make correct decisions and to use sound, rational judgment when making those decisions. It is also important that when a decision is made the supporting rationale can be articulated clearly. Please define discretion, its use in making decisions, and discuss the use of discretion for those working in the criminal justice system. Examples of your thought process should reflect some area within criminal justice as well.