Essay (cornell notes) please follow the instruction carefully

Complete a Cornell note (shows template in the file section, please follow the template)  on the lecture by Ellen DuBois. 

You must have at least 9 significant passages with page citations/places in the video counter to get full credit. Please write these on the right-hand side of the template.  We will be deducting points for not meeting this requirement. Each significant passage must be in complete sentence form (between 1-3 sentences maximum per passage) and checked for spelling and grammar.  Once you complete the reading and have identified your 9 or more significant moments in the lecture, you can now complete the left side column of your Cornell note. Here you will demonstrate your analytical skills by identifying at LEAST 3 major questions or themes out of the 9 significant parts of the lecture you have provided on the right-side column of the Cornell note. These 3 or more major questions or themes must link to at least 3 of the significant passages you have provided.  

Please then write a 300-word summary MINIMUM for the DuBois lecture.

Want to do the advanced move and earn extra points, put  DuBois in dialogue with Martha Jones.  In no less than 300 words compare how points you noted in DuBois’s lecture agree with or are disrupted by points made by Martha Jones. 

Good luck.


1. DuBois Lecture:

2. Martha Jones reading: