Essay assignment (1500 words)

The essay assignment develops the research, analysis, and writing skills you gained from completing the Journal Article Review Exercise assignment by applying them to writing an academic essay. The purpose of this assessment task to is to develop and assess your knowledge about a key managerial issue. You are expected to cite at least SEVEN (7) academic sources in your essay to demonstrate the range of sources from which you derived your knowledge. 


This assignment requires you to construct an essay response to ONE (1) of the following questions:

Topic 1: Communication

Using academic journal articles as your source, identify and define the elements of the communication process. Using examples to illustrate your answer, demonstrate how noise can interfere with the managerial communication process in an industry setting of your choice. How can managers avoid the noise issues you have identified?

Topic 2: Control

Using academic journal articles as your source, describe a model of “control” as it applies to management practice. Using examples to illustrate your answer, discuss how your chosen managerial control model enables firms to maximise their effectiveness and efficiency in an industry sector of your choice.

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