environmental factors that have impacted your workplace, management homework help

This week the topic is how the organization interfaces with environmental factors in an effective way. Discuss at least two environmental factors that have impacted your workplace and how they were handled by management/leadership. Would you have handled the situation differently, and if so, how?

1. Job Specific Gender Neutralization:

Since the beginning f the US Military, certain jobs have been exclusive to men. Most of the jobs are combat related, meaning they are specifically intended for direct combat employment leading to fire and maneuver, and possible hand to hand combat with enemy forces. Recently, the U.S. Marine Corps has been ordered by the Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus to draw up plans for coed recruit training and Officer Candidate School in order to open up all combat roles to female military personnel (Lambert, 2016). In addition to this, the Mabus required the Marine Corps to “Conduct a full review of its military occupational specialty titles in an effort to ensure that they are gender neutral” (Harkin, 2016).

As a career Marine, I would fight this tooth and nail. The Marine Corps, especially the community I was in is a very rough, demanding community that cannot afford to be burdened with the issues associated with females. Now I know this may sound sexist, but the reality is that when the United States needs a group of trained warriors to deploy at a moments notice anywhere in the world, no matter climb or place, it has a hard enough time doing it with men completely dedicated to the mission. We have injuries with men, men with doubts who conduct themselves in less than commendable manners in order to eliminate themselves from deploying along with other factors that cause attrition within the ranks. Now we are going to introduce women who may become pregnant during a training cycle reducing our deployable numbers or who may not be able to conduct certain training due to female anatomical issues. This will no doubt create more attrition and debilitate our ability to deploy effectively. If I was still in the Marine Corps I would petition to have this plan halted and reviewed to determine the benefit to the United States as well as the Marine Corps before it was approved or moved anymore further into action.

2. Sexual Preference:

Prior to 2011, the US military had a strict policy in place called Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. It was intended to prohibit homosexual conduct. It was a policy that bared openly gay and lesbian soldiers from the military (Keyes, 2010). The policy essentially stated that sexual preference was private matter and that homosexuality was prohibited. Being heterosexual and being married to an opposite sex marriage was allowed, but regardless, the workplace was no place for discussion of sexual nature. In the event military service members were engaged in homosexual acts, it was not to be discussed at work hence the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy. In 2010, congress decided that this policy was not fair and that same sex relationships and marriages should be recognized and accepted. This created an environment where military members were now bringing their sexual exploits to work with them, essentially bragging about the sexual preference creating a hostile and uncomfortable work environment teeter tottering on the border of sexual harassment.

At the time of this I was still in the military and I did attack the matter differently. “Successful implementation depends on leadership, professionalism, discipline, and respect, which must continue to be practiced at all times and in all situations” (Amos, 2010). According to my peers, other units had discussions and allowed people to vocalize distain or opinions creating arguments, I simply gathered all my troops, and subordinate leaders, read the message aloud, and closed with saying the message will be posted for all to read, explained where it is located in digital form and explained that it was business as usual and that there would be no arguing or debates from this point forward and that everyone’s preference was not to be addressed or discussed at work.


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