Environment Issues Project

  • The Controversy: Identify the controversy
  • The Major Players: Who is involved? Why are they involved?
  • Important Facts: State relevant facts concerning the issue. Try to separate fact from opinion. Try not to show your own bias. Properly use APA citations
  • Side One: Arguments; state briefly and cite your sources
  • Side Two: Arguments; state briefly and cite your sources
  • Your Opinion and Rationale: I believe that…, We should…, I feel that… Use supporting arguments and rationale. What arguments would you use to present to those who disagree with you? Cite all of your sources.
  • References: Alphabetize your sources. Make sure there are sources representing both sides of the issue.


There are several types of pollution in this world that has different types of effects.  In this world today, everyone is familiar with two popular known infections are known as air and water. Air and water pollution hurts the world we live in but also have an adverse effect on human health. Oil spills; urban runoff and ocean dumping essentially cause water pollution. Air pollution rises from burning of fossil fuels, hydraulic fracturing and gases emitted by vehicles. Water and soil pollution are majorly cause from industrial waste. However, human beings and their actions are majorly responsible for creating these types of pollution.

Below are websites that is supposed to used for writing the paper.

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