English poetry | English homework help

Answer all five the questions below.  For simplicity, you may type your work directly onto this document. Limit each of your answers (e.g. 1a etc.) to approximately four or five sentences. 

Before you begin, a note on citing poetry references in MLA style.  Direct quotations should be followed by a parenthetical citation that displays the relevant line number(s): for example, “moonless night rim world” (Lowther 2).  Short quotations of three lines or less should be enmeshed in your prose and line breaks should be recorded with a slash: for example, “moonless night rim world, / A long-dead city” (Lowther 2-3).   No need to provide a list of works cited for the poems at the end of your test paper, if you are using the digital reading package for this course.  However, if you consult any secondary sources you must fully reference each and every one.  

Instructions, questions and poems attached in the document