Emergency contraception | Nursing homework help

  After reviewing this weeks Powerpoint and reading Chapter 7 please respond to both prompts  Reading #6 from Ruggiero’s, Thinking Critically about Ethical Issues. At minimum the below chapter from this book is to be read. With all readings in this course, you are encouraged to read actively and discerningly/critically at all times.

  • A Foundation for Judgment – Ch. 6 (Pages 66-78


1. The morning-after pill is a form of emergency contraception used after intercourse rather than before. It can be taken within five days of intercourse and prevents fertilization of the woman’s egg or implantation of an already fertilized egg. In the latter case, its action is abortifacient. In May 2013, a U.S. District Judge ruled that the morning-after pill, key ingredient levonorgestrel, be made available without a prescription to females of any age, including children and teenagers. Some people believe that the judge’s ruling raises ethical issues. Do you agree? Discuss your answer with reference to the criteria presented in this chapter: consequences, obligations, and moral ideals.

2. A seventh-grade teacher divides his class into teams to research some history topics and report to the class. Each team consists of four students. One team presents a report that is excellent in substance. However, two members of the team behave childishly while making their contributions, so the overall presentation is flawed. The teacher lowers the team’s mark a full letter grade. Because the grade recorded for each team member is identical to the team grade, each member is penalized. Evaluate the action, applying what you learned in this chapter and explaining your reasoning carefully.