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  Week 5 discussion

As you learned from this week’s resources, the problem you identify and the questions you seek to answer should dictate the methodology you select to conduct a research study. The type of methods you use, whether quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods, will influence the outcome, validity, and reliability of your study and should be appropriate to the situation you will address.

Consider the instructional situation or performance issue you identified in Week 2. What insights could be gained into the identified problem by going beyond the literature review and conducting a formal academic research study? What questions would you seek to answer? How would you approach such a study? What methods would you use?

What I identified in week 2

Research topic Challenges Instructors are having with Virtual Learning Research questions: What are the challenges of virtual learning for instructors during covid-19? What are the benefits to students from providing professional development/trainings for faculty when it comes to technology/virtual learning?