Ed5570: week 8 discussion 1: institutional diversity in higher

ED5570: Week 8 Discussion 1: Institutional Diversity in Higher Education

Following the Civil War, changes in higher education included:

● Expanded opportunities for women and African-Americans.
● Land grant universities.
● Expanded science and engineering curricula.
● The elective system.
● Decreased emphasis on the classics.

Public education in particular was affected by the influence of the first Morrill Act. For

this discussion, reflect on influences that have shaped the growth and development of a

particular type of higher education institution over the years (for example, liberal arts

colleges, land grant institutions, community colleges, black colleges, and universities, or

women’s colleges). Trace the impact of a specific influence and explain how it has

shaped the look of your chosen type of institution today. Support your post with at least

one reference in addition to your Thelin textbook.

Note: Please see attached
Note: 2 reference required
Note: Minimum of 300 words.