Easy 10mins html homework | Computer Science homework help


Create an HTML document that has a form with the following controls:

  1. A collection of textboxes to collect the following information:
    • student first name. Assume that first name has a max length of 25 characters.
    • student last name. Assume that last name has a max length of 25 characters.
    • student Email ID.
    • student Phone Number.
    • student address which include:
      • street address: use text box.
      • city: use text box.
      • state: use a menu so user can select state from set of available states (you need only to list up to 5 states). Make NY as default value.
      • zip code: use text box.
  2. Two radio buttons that are labeled as male and female.
  3. Four checkboxes that represent courses students can register, one each for the following items:
    • MAC172
    • MAC110
    • MAC101
    • MAC190
  4. Two buttons named submit and reset button.  When the user clicks reset button, all data from above controls should be cleared.

Now do the following:

  1. Put your code in a word document.
  2. Add screen shoots to the results when you run the code into your word document as a prove you are able to run the code.
  3. post your word document by replaying to this discussion board.