Early childhood development | Psychology homework help

 Discussion: Early childhood development 

This week we are exploring early childhood with a focus on Piaget’s contribution, parenting styles, and different types of play.  Please select one of the following key terms below and think of a scenario where you as a counselor might need to be aware of this developmental term in understanding a young child.  Identify the concept and then report a hypothetical scenario and how you’d explain the idea of the concept to a parent in order to help them better understand his/her/their child.  Please do not repeat a term that your classmate has already selected.  Some of these terms will be on your quiz.  

Key terms:

myelination, preoperational stage, egocentrism, animism, centration, conservation, the zone of proximal development, scaffolding (p.210), superego, authoritative parenting, indulgent parenting, sensorimotor play, practice play, pretense/symbolic play, social play, constructive play .

You can use the term Indulgent parenting.

You can use the book LIFE-SPAN DEVELOPMENT by Santrock  below Chapter 7 and 8