discussion: ch. 10: socioemotional development in middle childhood

1. You have been asked to provide Bullying Prevention guidelines and suggestions to the director of an elementary school (ages 5-10). Based on the information in your text, what information or suggestions could you provide regarding the appropriate environment and activities for enhancing emotional, relational and social skills in the children?  Be specific. (Be sure to provide a thorough and detailed response since this response)

2.  a.  Identify/describe  2 values, attitudes or behaviors you currently possess. 

     b. Explain the impact of your parents on the development of each of the values, attitudes or behaviors you listed 

3.  Discuss one area of human development (sex-role, personality, intellectual, social, moral, emotional) upon which your parents seemed to have had the most influence.  In what way did your parent(s) impact your development in that area?  (provide specific examples of ways they taught or influenced the development of that area)