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Hey agnes, I hope all is well . I have a discussion board question about writing about a significance object to me. However, I wrote about that but I just need to respond to two students responses. what I need from you is to respond to these two students. I’m gonna post their responses here. the responses shouldn’t be long just couple of sentences.thank you and let me know if you have any question.

 student #1:

A piece that has special significance for me is a scarf that I have from my mother who passed away eight years ago. I like to wear it and smell it because it reminds me of her and makes me feel comfortable.From a marketing perspective, I can talk about the brand or the color of the scarf and how it might affect the mood, or that this scarf can be worn many time and in several different ways, or in different seasons to sell it to customers.From a poet’s viewpoint, I can describe my feelings and why it connects me to my mother and, also, how I remember her every minute of every day by using a word that describes my feelings.

Student #2:

My car was my first major adult purchase without help. It’s most significant to me because it allows me a freedom I didn’t have before. The car was and still is the first step to having my own independence and being a responsible adult. Being able to say ‘this is mine’ and ‘I did this by myself’ is great feeling.

As a marketing major: My black 2015 Chevrolet Malibu comes equipped with an entertainment package that upgrades the standard cloth seats to a premium leather. The package also includes sound system and music upgrades that include a touch capable screen.

As a poet: shiny, black as coal. four wheels to take you anywhere you want to go.

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