Discussion 1: Looking Back” Please respond to the following:

  • Now that you have had time to think about torts, explain how tort law serves society, both by providing a method of compensating victims and conversely, by providing a method to punish wrongdoers.

    Describe the importance of any two of these topics to a legally astute manager: Intentional torts, assault and battery, the reasonable person standard in negligence, the doctrine of foreseeability, rules for the owners and occupiers of land, strict liability, product liability, and trespass and nuisance.

“Discussion 2: Looking Forward”

  • Do you have an interest in pursuing any of the following career paths which incorporate a knowledge of torts? If not, what would be your ideal job, upon graduation?
    • Work in a law office as a paralegal
    • Work in the court system, such as for a judge
    • Work in insurance, such as a claims officer
    • Work in the legal department of a corporation
    • Work in law enforcement

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