Different methods for outlining a speech, assignment help

Supporting One Point Outline

Begin by selecting a point of view you want to support. Think about the audience for your presentation. What do you know about the audience that might help you select supporting material? 

What are the three strongest reasons to support your point of view?




Describe different methods for outlining a speech.

Select a type of supporting material from Ch. 7 of The Art of Public Speaking. You might, for example, select extended example, statistics, and testimony. Arrange your supporting material in order of strength. The strongest must be supporting point 3.

Develop a conclusion that leaves the audience at a high point. Write the final sentences of the conclusion and add to the outline.

Write an introduction that grabs the audience’s attention. Write the first two sentences and add to the outline. 

Fill your information in the following outline.

I.  Introduction (Write out the first two sentences.)

II.  Supporting material (only three) – The following is an example:

A.  Extended example

B.  Statistics

C.  Testimony

III.  Conclusion (Write out the last few sentences.)

here is the link of the book (chap 7) read others if you like


do tell me which point you select and your audience…

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