Develop an digital forensic investigation using recent developments

For this assignment, you must write an academic paper that provides  an overview of required actions in an investigation in a medium to large  organization. The focus should combine the use of innovative technology  options and an internal threat to the organization’s success and  profitability. The objective is to limit further risks, recover from  losses, and protect the data of the organization and its stakeholders.

Your paper must include the following:

  • Immediate actions to be taken and things that must be avoided
  • Internal persons that should be involved
  • Ways you could work with law enforcement and attorneys to investigate high-value, suspicious activity within the organization
  • Recommendations for planning and managing the investigation process
  • How an investigation should provide evidence that is acceptable in a court of law when using outsourced assistance
  • Evidence relating to data and processing on at least two of the following: 
    • public cloud
    • Internet of Things
    • shared big data used for business decisions
    • cyber espionage
    • robot decision-making
    • use of machine learning
    • autonomous vehicles

Length: 8 page academic paper (including title and reference pages)

Resources: Cite a minimum of 6 scholarly resources