Demonstrate reasoning, by applying at least three relevant theories and models together to analyze the topic., assignment help (12 pages)

**use your own words! thanks!** There are two attached books that you need to use like resources.

Prepare the research paper using the American Psychological Association (APA) format; this format is described in detail in the APA Publication Manual. Grading will stress content, analysis, and style. Seek to creatively apply leadership theory. The paper work must be more than a mere review of facts and articles. It must demonstrate reasoning, by applying at least three relevant theories and models together to analyze the topic.

The paper must be at least three thousand words(close to 12 pages) in length, not counting tables, figures, and any (optional) Appendices; it must correctly cite and use at least 10 references, NOT counting the textbook. ALL cited sources must appear both within the body of the text and in the References list. The paper must use articles from at least 2 respected journals or books, such as those in the SUGGESTED READING list. Most of these periodicals are available on line from the Troy University Library.

Here is a suggested outline.


ABSTRACT — Limit to one page.

INTRODUCTION — Short! Explain why the topic is important! Include objectives of the paper.


ANALYSIS  — Apply the models; make inferences, draw conclusions.

DISCUSSION  — Discuss the implications of your findings above, especially for managers.

CONCLUSION – Restate your conclusions and sum up, in about one half page


APPENDICES  (optional)

In choosing a topic, avoid shallow, insipid generalities (e.g., “the importance of leadership”).

Choose a topic of current importance that has not been already overdone. Also, where possible, exemplify your concepts and conclusions by consistently referring to a single, real, focal leader. (Avoid US Presidents and generals.) Here are some suggestions:

The burnout of leaders   Removal of leaders

Leadership, power, corruption  Substitutes for leadership

Followership  Cross cultural leadership

LMX in relation to other theories  Non-traditional  – e.g., native tribes, organized crime

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