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Juvenile Justice: Another Aspect

Hello Scholars!
I posted some great material in Instructor Insights. Moving past Corrections… let’s address Juvenile  Justice. Again – visit Instructor Insights for a great document to help better understand how it’s currently measured. Moving beyond that, let’s consider situations where juveniles ARE treated as adults for purposes of trial and conviction. This is a very controversial topic, scholars. It begs the question as to whether there are ANY actions that a juvenile could take to produce this type of treatment by our legal and criminal justice systems. Is there a limit to the proverbial “Pass” we give to juveniles, scholars? I think for very many, the answer is yes – but exactly what that limit is may vary, right? So… let’s focus on the more controversial point – advocates saying that juveniles ALWAYS should get a second chance – no matter the crime. In this particular area of advocacy… consider the direct publication(s) from an advocacy group. Do you agree? Disagree? Why or why not? Some of you may have experience with gangs – as just one example. If we give passes to whatever aged juveniles, does everyone see how criminal organizations may simply use them as tools to engage in crime – with limited exposure and consequence?

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