Create a tikz graphs based on attached pictures

create a tikz based on attached pictures.

 Make sure all the content is in one tikzpicture environment.  Do
         not create more than one tikzpicture environment.
         b. Do not use section heading (section{…}) for any text.

1.a: The black words and red words in the green box should be aligned:
         one red symbol under each word, you can use a tabular environment for
         this.  Same for the last box with black and blue text.

1.b:  The three boxes in the bottom row should still be aligned in one row.

2: The “axis labels” (search/discover/structured data/etc) should be
         where they are in the original picture.  And the labels should be in
         one node (Search (goal-oriented) in one node, Discover (opportunistic)
         in another node, etc)