cpmgt/300 wk 3 DQ’s

100-200 word answers per question:


Project scope management involves processes that are used to ensure a project consists with only the necessary work required for its successful completion. One of these processes includes collecting requirements. Discuss some of the tools that can be used to ensure this process is done effectively.

CH. 1

Project Resources:

Most companies have six different types of resources: money, manpower, equipment, facilities, materials, and information technology. Select two of these and discuss how the project manager can ensure the resources are controlled within the triple constraints of time, cost, and performance.

Tip of the Iceberg Syndrome:

The tip of the iceberg syndrome as depicted in Figure 1-6 is called this for what reason? Do any of you have experience with a project that suffered from this?

Ch. 11

Fast tracking a project:

Sometimes project end dates need to be adjusted and the project needs to be ‘fast-tracked’. What are some ways that you would decrease the time allotted for a project? Describe any impacts there may be to cost and quality and how you would mitigate these.

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