Congressional response memo | Army

  I am attaching the template to use please follow instructions provided as well as instructions in the power point attached also I am attaching the PDFs for memorandum writing AR 25-50 and HQDA 25-52

1. Purpose. To provide students the opportunity to understand how to create an effective response to a Congressional Inquiry.

2. Requirements:

a. The memorandum must be no more than one page. 





FORT JACKSON, SC 29207-7025

    b.  The draft response will be for your Battalion Commander’s review (LTC Patrick A. Lanier).    

c.  The memorandum must be submitted in accordance with the assignment review cycle

3. Situation: Situation: On 14 June 2020, PFC Kirk Palla submitted a concern to his Congressman (Congressman Dan Crenshaw: 1849 Kingwood Dr. Ste. 100 Kingwood, TX 77339-1234) regarding the denial of his request to take a four day pass over a normal weekend, to include Friday and Monday. He firmly believes that he deserves the pass because he has not received any disciplinary action since arriving to the unit one year ago. He has 75 days of accrued leave, and his commander, CPT John Rambo, denied his pass and told the Soldier to take leave instead. CPT Rambo’s response stated that since the Soldier has 75 days of accrued leave and there are only two months left prior to the end of the FY, he needed to use 20 more days of leave prior to the end of the FY.  

Reference:  AR 25-50

HQDA Policy Notice 25-52

*If information conflicts between figures and written directions, utilize written directions.