Complex learning analysis | Education homework help


Classes at every grade level are comprised of students at varying stages of language development, as well as cognitive and physical abilities. Teachers must adjust instruction to meet the needs of all students as they foster critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity.

Part 1: Foster Critical Thinking 

For this assignment, complete the “Complex Learning Analysis” template. The learning standards on the template are from the identified grade level and subjects found in the Arizona State Standards.

Complete the following for each standard:

  • Learning Activity: In 3-5 sentences, describe a developmentally appropriate learning activity that promotes critical thinking and problem-solving. For one learning activity, integrate physical development in student learning (e.g., gross or fine motor skills).
  • Explanation: In 3-5 sentences, explain how the activity is designed to challenge students by activating complex cognitive processes, specifically critical thinking, and problem-solving. Explain how the activity is appropriate for the developmental age of the students.

Part 2: Examine Students’ Development

In a 250-500 word summary, compare and contrast how two elementary students in the same class may differ in their physical, cognitive, and linguistic development. Include major concepts, principles, and/or theories to justify your response. Explain how you will apply these concepts to support student development in your future classroom.

Support your rationale with 2-3 scholarly resources.