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Review the financial statements of a public company  Under “Get Quotes”, type in the symbol of a public corporation. For instance, F is Ford Motor Co. Symbols can be looked up as well on Yahoo!. Then hit “Get Quotes”. After you’ve gone to the company’s webpage, take a look at the financial information on the company. Tell us about your thoughts as to how well the company is run from a financial standpoint. Your initial post should be 200 words or more.  I suggest you consider corporations in more than one sectors of the economy.  For example, you might look at FPL (Florida Power and Light, GF (General Foods), CVS (CVS Pharmacy), etc.  The more diverse your companies, the more others can learn from your research.

Commentary should include an evaluation of sales, profits, cash flows, assets and other important financial  information. Remember, you don’t need to answer the questions as if you are a financial analyst; the purpose of  this discussion is to help you get comfortable with the subject matter. Therefore, we want to become ‘conversationally competent’ not prepare for the CPA exam.


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