Complete Financial Analysis Classmate Reponses

Classmate Repsonse 1:

  •   Budget Actual Variance
    Sales Less: $356,400 $351,400 $5,000 U
      Advertising $33,000 $35,640 $2,640 U
    Total Operating Income $323,400 $315,400 $7,640 U

    2. Some factors that might have caused the costs to increase so much, based off of Chapter 3 could have been due to the shift to a service-based economy, increased global competition, advances in technology, and changes in the business processes.

Classmate Response 2:







$5,000 U





$2,640 U

 Total Expense



$2,640 U

 Total   Operating Income



$7,640 U 

Lack of focus can be damaging to a company. Staying focus on key area will help make a company to better operate.

Classmate Response 3:

Week #2 Homework posting

  1. Being a world-wide company Nike is a very complex organization.  Identifying just one decision in each of the value chain functions certainly does not give us a very accurate view of the daily workload of a Nike manager but does give a sense of the depth of work associated.

Research and development:  A Nike manager could decide on whether to expand the type of shoe they produce; do we stick with athletic shoes or should we develop a Nike high heel.

Product, service, or Process design: A Nike manager may make a decision about the design of a particular line of athletic shoes; how the soles should look, the color combinations, the type of closure: Velcro, flat lace, rounded lace, slip on, how tall the shoe is, rounded toe, square toe, or even the type of materials that would determine water resistance levels or the weight of the shoe.

Production: A Nike manager may help determine the best location to produce said shoe, should shoes destined for one geographic area be produced closer to that area or produce shoes at different places and ship them further.

Marketing: A Nike manager may decide on a marketing campaign, choosing to set the marketing message as one global message or specify for different regions.

Distribution: A Nike manager may decide how to get the shoes from their production point to retail outlets, do we need sales reps?  Do we sell directly to stores?  Do we sell to wholesalers who then get our shoes into stores?

Customer Service: A Nike manager may set policy about interacting with customers.  Perhaps return/replacement policies for individual or larger policies relating to their distribution points.


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