Complete Excel Assignment VERY EASY

  1. Assignment 4: Excelling at Excel
    Due Week 10 and worth 150 points

    Create an Excel spreadsheet to help you calculate the hypothetical cost of your school materials for this quarter. Assume that you purchased the following materials for your course work (i.e., use the stated amounts below regardless of the actual items / costs you may have purchased / paid):

    • A laptop computer for $499.99
    • The class textbook for $130.50
    • A printer for $299.98
    • A printer cable for $29.95
    • A Wireless Access Point for your Wi-Fi for $99.99
    • Five (5) 1-subject wide ruled notebooks for $1.99 each
    • Ten (10) Uniball Black pens for $0.99 each
    1. Input the stated items into an excel spreadsheet.
    2. Use the SUM() function to calculate the total cost of your materials.
    3. Create a pie chart to show the distribution of costs for the items you purchased.
    4. Submit your assignment as a Microsoft Excel file through the submission link at the top of the page.

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